Jungle Jumble (Remastered)

We took our previous game of Jungle Jumble and fixed the areas that need imporvement, as well as adding new elements to the game to make it more fun. In comparison to the first Jungle Jumble we had random animal parts that made game play a little difficult to visiualize when creating your own animal. It also left no room for variety as we only had a few animal parts. This time we fixed all of those issues by adding various different animals parts, making sure the items were big enough to see and enough pieces for everyone to be able to play several rounds. We even added a story line to make things more interesting. I mean who doesnt want to be a mad scientist, amiright?! This element adds a whole new dynamic to the game and with our current fixes Jungle Jumble will be the best game to play!

For more information and directions on how to play this game click on the link below:




This game of Mah-Merr is a game of speed of who can tell the quickest story before the time runs out. It’s a russin roulttee style so no matter how fast you tell your story if the 2-minute timer runs out on you, unfortunately you loose the game. This game works well because its a super face paced game that brings out a competitive edge out on everyone and your goal is to not be the person stuck with the buzzer. It creates an element where all players have to tell a tstory based on the card drawn as fast as they can. This creates a dynamic where quick thinking is needed. Have fun and dont get stuck! For more information on this game with directions and supplies needed refer to the link below:


Jungle Jumble

This game is innovative and similar to that of Snake Oil and Apples to Apples. You draw five cards and you have to create your own animal subject to the category drawn by the judge who then will pick who has the better animal in that category. However, the judge choosing does not limit the players from getting the judge to vote for their animal because the player once choosing their animal parts from the five cards drawn they make up a name and state why their animal is best of that category. This game is fun and innovative as it takes something as simple as a bunch of animal limbs, bodies, attributes ,etc and you are able to craft your own and say what it is so great about this animal so that you may be the top of the food chain. For more information on how to play and directions please follow the link below.



Just as the name describes it, you guessed it! It is a combination of Charades and Taboo. We used the charades aspect as you must act out the words on the card to get the main word your team is attempting to guess. Just like taboo the players are broken up into teams and choose a card with 4 sub words, terms, descriptive words that all lead to the top word on the card. However, as mentioned before with the charades aspect you must act out the sub words so you teammates can guess the main word earning a point. With this being said there are constraints to this making the game a little bit more difficult. For more information on these constraints and how the game is really played visit this link: https://swegswegswegsweg.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/chaboo/

This game overall works well because it brings the best of both worlds, along with the constraints that add a little twist to the game making things either more difficult or interesting for the teams. Overall, the game is easy to follow and understand being the fact it is a fuse of two simple games. There is no age limit or audience we are trying to grasp but just the general population that likes both charades and taboo.

Prototype Letter game MFRK

MFRK is a combination of ladders and scrabble as you move up a ladder as you spell and find words that rhyme along with it. It has a silly, but serious factor to it as most games require you to spell the word out for points while our game you get to move up for every word you spell correct and for finding three words that rhyme with it. This game is successful in the sense that it is different from most games and creates this competitive but silly edge when you are required to find words that rhyme with it. Players have given this great reviews as they enjoyed not only seeing their progress up the ladder for spelling a word but finding words that rhyme. You are also using a word generator so the surprise element is also a huge factor. You never know what two to twelve letter word you will get. As far as changes in the future possibly adding more twists or a better reward system or like scrabble does where you can earn lots of point for creating words depending where you strategically place them on the board. Overall, this game is easy, simple and fun which was our common goal. We were not interested in creating a game where players are subject to many constraints or rules making the game difficult to understand and play. For more information on the game by clicking the link below it will direct you to the page of rules and how we came up with and our direct audience.

Link: https://swegswegswegsweg.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/mfrk-game-prototype-2/

First Crossword

First Crossword puzzleCreating this crossword puzzle it was a lot easier to design than I had imagined. Once you begin the first couple sections the rest kind flow right in. However, I did come across some issues in picking words as my options became limited or I was just unable to find a word to fit into the appropriate slots. I had to erase some sections to pick new words and also make the puzzle solvable. I am not looking to choose words that I know will give someone a headache trying to figure out. As far as this being your conventional crossword puzzle I believe it is far from it. The format is the same, but the word choice and the clues I believe tailor to a much younger audience as they are probably able to better understand these clues versus being given a short definition or a synonym of a word expecting to get an answer out of. I think this crossword is more fun than your conventional crossword puzzle and can be finished within a very reasonable time, so enjoy!